Information, Terms & Conditions

Effective date: 
September 1st, 2021



The following points will help you to know what to expect and how your information is confidential and respected when working with our counsellors and coaches.

  • We bring a solution focused approach to counselling and coaching for adults and teens alike. This means that we focus less on how we got stuck, and more on getting unstuck and where you want to be. This includes helping clients create goals, strategies and steps, and discovering those things we need to give up on and avoid in order to reach the desired place.
  • Sessions are generally 55-60 minutes in length, with couples sessions up to 90 mins.
  • As of the 14th August, 2017, all sessions are recorded from the in-room CCTV camera and kept on file for professional development, security and record keeping. These are confidential and kept in a secure location. In agreeing to the terms & conditions, you agree that this is permissible. The recording keeps both clients and counsellors safe and protected.
  • Our counsellors/coaches may find it helpful to take notes throughout the session. These are for record keeping and professional development and may be used in supervisions sessions that all staff undertake for professional development.
  • We promote a team approach to wellbeing and encourage the involvement of a GP (doctor) or other professionals in identifying and diagnosing mental health conditions and the application of medication.
  • Cost: All fees are inclusive of GST. The fee structure is:
    • $120 (incl gst) single session
    • $145 (incl gst) couples extended session
    • $324 (incl gst) for a 3-session 10% off package discount. Further discounts may be offered for those in difficult circumstances, but this must be discussed and agreed.
    • Where applicable, an invoice is supplied.
  • Until there are changes in Government policy, appointments with counsellors and coaches are not eligible for the Medicare “Mental Health Plan rebate”. In this system, GP’s create a mental health plan and refer to a Psychologist who is registered with Medicare to participate in the plan. Check with your private health insurer to see if they have a policy on Counsellors/Coaches.

Working with Teenagers

  • All arrangements with any client under 16 years is done through the parent/guardian, unless otherwise requested and agreed. This includes session bookings, email and sms correspondence, and follow up.
  • At least one parent/guardian is asked to attend at the beginning and end of each session. An overview of what we worked through is provided and a team approach (with a parent involved in the discussion) is promoted.
  • Where a school, FACS, Doctor or other organisation is involved in referring or participation, we will not share any session details, goals or information with this third party organisation. However, metadata may be shared upon request, and parents/guardians will be informed when a school or other organisation has shown interest. (Metadata is simply information that confirms that a session/s has taken place, however everything shared within a session is confidential and not shared).
  • Where parents are separated and both want to know what is taking place with their child, all information is kept in confidence and only metadata is shared with either parent. The parent who initially books the counselling/coaching session is always the first point of contact and any request for involvement or information from the other parent is brought to the attention and agreement of the booking parent.
  • At times, our counsellors/coaches may want to refer clients to someone with more expertise in a specific area. This is always done in consultation with the client and parents.

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