As the founder of MyStrengths Australia and through my profession as an adolescent counsellor, I've had the privilege of working with thousands of teens and parents. In fact, I've worked with young people for my entire career and for the most part, I find them to be exciting, interesting and fun to help. Many therapists have a pessimistic outlook on teens and the future, but I'm overwhelmingly optimistic as I meet so many talented, kind, thoughtful and socially aware young people. They each have strengths and personality traits that make them unique and amazing in their own skin. 

But it's not always easy, and the teen years can be tough for both teens and parents. So I'm bringing the best strategies and tools from the counselling room, and delivering them direct to your lounge room. 


I've got my own little family, and together with the amazing Jools, we're doing our best with 3 energetic boys that keep us on our toes. Life with boys is all about the outdoors, so every spare second is occupied with surfing, cycling and a bit of fishing when I can talk them into it. We've kept pet life simple with a few Bearded-Dragons, two turtles and some fish, after losing our beloved dog, Nelson. RIP.